2022 Open Water Registration form
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“Participating in open water swimming requires fitness and skill.I confirm that I have done enough training to ensure that I am fit enough to cope with the demands of open water swimming and that my technical skills are adequate for the activity.I accept that taking part is by its nature is hazardous and contains certain inherent risks and I accept that I owe a significant duty of care to Pendle Triathlon Club and other swimmers to act responsibly and follow all safety instructions. This includes but is not limited to:• Only entering the water when given the all clear to do so by the session leader• Wearing a brightly coloured swim hat always when in the water• Wearing a wetsuit compulsory for under 18’s and new to open water swimmers• Skins/Non-wetsuit swimmers tow floats are compulsory• Other wetsuit swimmers tow floats are optional• Wearing numbered wrist/band always in the water • Following the prescribed swim course• Complying with the instruction to exit the water at the end of my current lap in the event of a course evacuation or the end of the session (signalled by an air horn) • Being aware of other swimmers and summoning assistance if I notice a swimmer in difficultyI accept that in the event of my requiring medical attention Pendle Triathlon Club takes no responsibility for the treatment provided for any unreported existing condition which increases the risk of a medical emergency.I acknowledge that Pendle Triathlon Club has relied on this statement (in its entirety) in accepting my participation in the club’s open water sessions at Burwain Lake and that if I was unable or unwilling to agree to all the matters set out above in this statement of responsibility Pendle Triathlon Club would not allow me to participate. All statements of fact are true.”Terms & Conditions 1. Pendle Triathlon Club cannot take responsibility for the loss of personal possessions during the event. It is the participant’s responsibility to safeguard personal possessions. 2. It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that they enter their details correctly when completing the registration process. 3. By completing the registration process you are confirming that all the information provided is correct. The registration must be completed by the participant as opposed to a third party to avoid false information. 4. Your details will be stored by Pendle Triathlon Club and used to provide you with information regarding the event you have entered. Your contact details will not be passed to any other persons or external organisations. 5. The details provided in the registration form maybe used for medical purposes should there be medical difficulties during your participation in the event. 6. Photography – Pendle Triathlon Club maintain the right to use images and photographs taken by their contracted photographers at any of their promoted events without informing event participants. These images may be used for promotional purposes as undertaken by Pendle Triathlon Club.NOTE: If have swimmers under age of 16 you will require signature of parent/guardian.A competency test must be completed by a swimmer under the age of 16 consisting of; show ability to float, know how to attract attention if in distress, swim to first buoy and return, must swim small circuit only, until competent with open water.